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SAIA Border Kei (Border Kei Region of the South African Institute of Architects) invites companies to become affiliate members of the various packages on offer. This is an opportunity for your company to meet your target markets and to build relationships with key decision makers in the profession, who decide on which products and services to purchase.

Just a few of the benefits offered to (paid-up) Business Affiliated Members are:


More and more companies have discovered this form of sponsorship to be a powerful marketing tool. Building and strengthening your company brand through effective visibility is one of the key essentials in business strategy.

We would be delighted to further discuss the packages on offer with you.

Assistance with marketing of events to members (architects) and other professionals (if required).


Free access to a complete address list of Border Kei Region based professional architects (not to be forwarded to any third parties, for business affiliated members’ information and records only). 


Distribution of product information/invitations to members via email/newsflash.


Advertisements (free of charge) on SAIA Border Kei’s webpage, newsflash / newsletters.


Members (architects) have easy access to Business Affiliated Members’ contact details on our webpage and through our newsletter. 


Marketing opportunities (SAIA Border Kei’s annual dinner, Architectural Tours, sponsorship of seminars and networking/social events, etc.).


Constant updates on information via our newsflashes and newsletters.


Interaction with other role players in the Building Industry through our Social/Networking events.


Association with our Institute – Membership certificate.

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